For A Woman’s Work is Never Done Eliza Bennett embroidered colored thread into her own hand to challenge the idea that work traditionally reserved for women is easy. 


Famous Writers Sleep Habits vs. Literary Productivity, Visualized
Concept and direction by Maria Popova. Data visualization by Accurat. Portraits by Wendy MacNaughton.
Full graphic + prints at the link.
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Quirky GIF Portraits Indulge a Photographer’s Need for Spontaneity

The committee-driven and regulated world of advertising photography can be a constraining force on the creative mind. After moving to New York and picking up ad work, Romain Laurent was itching for a more spontaneous outlet. He started One Loop Portrait a Week as a way to satisfy his urge to improvise and get a break from the second-guessing that creeps into even personal projects as they get “serious.”

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I want this to be fashion illustration. Yes: that also means a want a dress with eyes that actually blink.
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Memories of China: Yang Fudong’s Nostalgic Disillusionments
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Taken by the lovely Sara Kiesling yesterday <3 
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